The Crew of Pacific Cloud

What possesses a normally rational family of four very busy people going about their everyday lives to chuck it all, sell everything and buy a big multihull to go cruising?

The story is long and complicated and probably no different than any other cruising family out there. The idea originated with the Skipper when he was a young man and the day after they started dating the Admiral knew about it. "Get a boat and cruise around the world"!

Life gets' in the way as in all things; education, jobs, careers, kids etc and before we knew it we were approaching 50. It suddenly dawned on me that I had to do something about this dream or let it die.

How do you get two teenage boys to leave their very complicated lives, friends and strange world they live in that is very important to them? it was easy, promise them sun, sand and bikini clad girls as far as your eye can see.

Are we crazy; or crazy like a fox. Only time will tell and the jury is still definitely out for some of us.

Skipper - Bill Proteau
Admiral - Laurie Proteau
Billy 15
Tommy 12


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