With little background in multihulls we purchased Pacific Cloud in May 2006. From our travels and reading it would appear that this boat is a modified Piver. She is fiberglass over plywood with a Diter 2 cyl, 32 hp engine.

In Author Piver's book, "Trans-Atlantic Trimaran" there is no reference to a design of this size and the largest appears to be a 45' by 24' Medallion design.

We of course know the previous owners and have the name of the prior owner to that but other than the more recent history on the boat we have nothing else. If you have any information on the boat, history, places sailed etc we would love to here from you.

Any wooden boat requires lots of maintenance and this one is no exception. The harbour hopping we have done has allowed us to work on the many problems and changes required to move the boat from a protected waters cruising boat to an ocean going cruiser. We're still not there.

Shortly below will be some pictures of work completed and the boat in general.

Current Leg
Leg 1
Leg 2
Leg 3
Leg 4
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